Speck Knödel (Smoked Bacon Dumpling Soup)

It is still chilly here in the Southern Hemisphere and this soup is a sensational winter warmer.  Easy to make and tastes delicious.

500 grams of White Bread (1-2 days old)
150 grams Unsalted Butter
5 Eggs
200 grams Speck or Smoked Bacon (cut into small pieces)
500 ml Milk (full cream)
1 bunch of flat leaf Parsley (finely chopped)
1 bunch of Spring Onion (thinly sliced)
5 tablespoons of Plain Flour
Salt & Pepper to taste
3 litres of Chicken or Vegetable Stock

Preparation Time:     30 minutes (Plus 3 hours resting time)
Cooking Time:     30 minutes
Serves:      4-6 people
Makes:     Approximately 8-10 Knödel

IMG_9251aIn a saucepan pour in the milk, butter and place over medium heat to allow the butter to melt.  Once all the butter is melted, remove from the heat and place aside to cool down for approximately five minutes.

Cut the bread into cubes and place in a large bowl.  Add the bacon pieces, chopped parsley and sliced spring onion.   Whisk the eggs with a fork and add to the bread mixture.   With a wooden spoon thoroughly combine the eggs with the bread, bacon, parsley and spring onion.  Pour the milk and butter over the bread mixture, add salt and pepper.  With your hands combine and mix all of these ingredients thoroughly and allow to stand covered with a tea towel for 3 hours.

IMG_9249aIMG_9255aAdd the flour to the mixture and combine thoroughly.  With wet hands make into balls  approximately the size of a tennis ball.  Ensure that you press firmly during this process.

Place the Knödel (dumplings) into the simmering broth for approximately 15 minutes once ready they will gradually rise to the top.


Cook’s Tips

Home made chicken or vegetable stock is always favourable with this dish however, if you are pressed for time a good quality stock from a supermarket will be fine.

I am generous with the parsley and the spring onion.   They add freshness and flavour to the soup.

By pressing the mixture firmly whilst making the balls ensures that they hold together when simmering in the broth.

If you have any leftover mixture you can place it in a container and freeze it to use another time.





13 thoughts on “Speck Knödel (Smoked Bacon Dumpling Soup)

    1. Just Pineapple! You can have this in Winter. It’s still shitty and cold here. It’s supposed to be Spring???? 🙂 ❤ We need to keep warm and soups are great for that. I even made Graha with sour cabbage (soup). One of my favourites and all my gang.

  1. I have tried quite a lot of Chinese dumplings before, but never had a chance to try smoke bacon dumpling. I love how creative you are Milanka. I’m sure it tastes super delicious. Although it’s still summer in Hong Kong, I still love this soup. Well done! ❤

    1. Thanks Khloe. Just had my friends visit Melbourne from Macau and their friends from Hong Kong. We had a wonderful time with them. I prepared and Italian dinner for them and they loved it. I know it’s still summer there very hot and humid. Wait till it cools down then you can enjoy a good soup. We still ate lots of Con-gee whilst in Hong Kong! It was sensational. I do enjoy Chinese food!!! 🙂 🙂 ❤ We had absolutely wonderful dishes whilst visiting our friends.

      1. You’re most welcome 🙂 I’m sure they loved what you made even without telling me. Your food is always delicious. Who doesn’t love it seriously? 😉 Yes, it’s still hot and humid here but I still enjoy having hot soup. It’s a part of our culture to have hot Chinese soup even during summer months. It’s interesting! I never thought you really enjoy Chinese food especially Con-gee! I know not a lot westerners enjoy it 😛

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