Chef Skills – Poultry (Mastering Chef Skills)

Quail Sausage Roll
Chicken Tagine with salted lemon, green olives and Cous Cous
Chinese Chicken Spring Roll

I may have mentioned to you earlier this year that I was undertaking a Commercial Cookery course.  Recently I have had to change my culinary school and now find myself in a new school and doing the course full time which includes a practical class on Sundays. This class starts at 8 am and finishes at 6 pm.  During class the Chef’s demonstrate what we need to do such as boning a duck, chicken, quail depending on the recipe which needs to be prepared. We then individually or in pairs have to complete the tasks, follow the recipes, prepare the dishes, plate them and show them to the Chef for him to mark.  After preparing up to to seven dishes at one time we also need to wash up, clean up, mop up, pack and put all the food that is left over back into storage.  It is a big day to say the least. However, I always leave with a new skill or a helpful tip that I will use as a Chef.

I will endeavour to share regularly all that we cover in the practical side of cooking and the different units we are mastering. The next unit we are covering is Seafood.

The photos are all taken with my mobile phone and the quality may not be of a high calibre, however, it will give you a good idea of what the prepared dish is.  We have to work very quickly and things can get a little hectic when preparing, cooking, plating and trying to take a descent photo with the phone.

“Chef Skills” will  be a regular feature on my blog site.  You will be joining me on a culinary journey in mastering the skills of becoming a qualified Chef.


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  1. Great job Milanka, you are following your passion and I wish you all the best. Any time you need a taster I’ll be there 😀

    1. Hello Irene, It would be my pleasure. I will pass on skills and tips to all that are interested. The beauty in life is that we continue to learn if we open ourselves to it. Keep well. <3 <3 🙂 Milanka

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