Potato Bites (Easy to Prepare Party Food)

There will be a number of vegan guests at my daughter’s birthday party.  An idea came to mind that the central element of the vegan dish would revolve around potato.  The only time consuming part of making these little bite size morsels is cooking the potatoes and refrigerating them overnight.  The result will be delicious… Continue reading Potato Bites (Easy to Prepare Party Food)

Roast Peppers & Goat Cheese Tartlets

It will be my daughter’s 21st birthday soon and we are preparing for the big event.  I am experimenting with a few foodie ideas that will be suitable for the party.   I am planning to serve finger food on the night to 150 friends and family.  This recipe for Roast Peppers and Goat Cheese… Continue reading Roast Peppers & Goat Cheese Tartlets

Home Made Corn & Zucchini Fritters

When in season I can never go past corn. It is that time of the year and I am in heaven. It reminds me of my childhood back in Croatia. Where I lived the fields were abundant during the late summer.  Corn was enjoyed in many different ways. Today I am sharing my version of… Continue reading Home Made Corn & Zucchini Fritters

Mushroom Pâté

If you enjoy eating mushrooms as much as I do, you will like this recipe.  It is very simple, quick  to make and the only time consuming part is the refrigeration.  The pâté is mouthwatering, delicious and can be served as a starter when friends call in or you can enjoy it all by yourself… Continue reading Mushroom Pâté

Grilled Asparagus with Prosciutto

When Asparagus are in season, for me it is bliss. This simple appetiser takes very little time to prepare and you only need a few ingredients. When a dish is quick, easy to prepare and tastes great why not give it a go especially when entertaining. Ingredients 22 Asparagus (approximately 2 bunches) 11 Slices of… Continue reading Grilled Asparagus with Prosciutto

Smoked Salmon Log

I always like to make a few nibbles to kick the night off.  While one is having a drink it is always a good idea to have a little bit food to accompany the beverage you are serving.  I adore Smoked Salmon and this starter goes well with a drink or two.  It is very… Continue reading Smoked Salmon Log


Hummus is an enjoyable snack to serve when you have guests or to have ready for the family. It can be served with Lebanese bread, Turkish bread, cut up vegetables and can accompany meat dishes especially Lamb.  It’s a Middle Eastern delight that can be shared. Ingredients 400 grams  cooked chickpeas 2 heaped tablespoons of… Continue reading Hummus


This salad brings back many wonderful memories from our recent trip to Sicily.   Returning back to winter and the cold weather, I started to reminisce of the beautiful tomatoes that were so abundant, sweet, juicy and inexpensive.  The many markets that we visited were full of stalls selling many different varieties.    Panzanella is a wonderful… Continue reading Panzanella

Easy Beetroot Dip

This is a simple and easy dip to make when entertaining. 5 Medium Beetroot (peeled and cut into 2cm cubes) 2 Teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar 2 Tablespoons of Yoghurt (full fat) 1 clove garlic (crushed) Salt & Pepper Water for Cooking In a medium pot, place the cut beetroot cubes and cover with just… Continue reading Easy Beetroot Dip

Apricot Delights

2 cups of Dried Apricots 1 1/2 cups of Water 1 cup of Almond Meal 1/2 cup of Coconut Meal 1/2 cup of Fine Desiccated Coconut 1 teaspoon of ground Cardamon 1 teaspoon of ground Cinnamon 3/4 cup of ground Pistachios Preparation Time:    15-20 minutes Makes:    20-25 balls (pending size) In a small pot place… Continue reading Apricot Delights