How to Make a Focaccia with Olives, Onion & Rosemary

Keeping busy and positive during this unusual time can be challenging for many.  Melbourne, Sydney and both states country regions are experiencing extended lockdowns.  If you enjoy home cooking, bread making and like to keep busy give this recipe a go.  Take a few moments to read through the recipe, once you have made the… Continue reading How to Make a Focaccia with Olives, Onion & Rosemary

Pork, Fennel, Apple & Pepper Sausage Rolls

If you love making sausage rolls at home you cannot go past this recipe.  Sausage rolls are easy to make and they can be enjoyed by the whole family.  There are numerous recipes available.  Try this recipe you won’t be disappointed. Ingredients 4 sheets of ready made Puff Pastry (each sheet cut in half) 1… Continue reading Pork, Fennel, Apple & Pepper Sausage Rolls

Rustic Shortbread & Coffee Hazelnut Meal Biscuits (Cookies)

Biscuits and Cookies are always fun to bake and I enjoy experimenting with different dough mixtures.  With the the New Year in full swing, I have the time to sit down and write the recipe.  These are simple to make, rustic in appearance, delicious,  can be beautifully presented and enjoyed by all. Shortbread  2 cups… Continue reading Rustic Shortbread & Coffee Hazelnut Meal Biscuits (Cookies)

Rustic Pizza & Focaccia

Pizza and bread making have been lots of fun during this unusual time in our lives.  For many of us experiencing lock downs, wearing masks and not being able to see and spend time with our loved ones can be a very difficult and trying time.  I feel grateful and happy that we are living… Continue reading Rustic Pizza & Focaccia

Sri Lankan Dutch Meat Balls

This Sri Lankan Dutch influenced dish for home made spicy meat balls is a favourite of ours.  The recipe is easy to make with the aromatics combined with the mince meat.  The spices elevate the meatballs to another level.  Coated with breadcrumbs, fried and then finished off in a hot oven.  Makes for a delicious… Continue reading Sri Lankan Dutch Meat Balls

Flourless Orange Cake

This flourless orange cake is moist, decadent and scrumptious.  The oranges, almond meal and a few other ingredients create a wonderful citrus sensation.  Baking this cake was for a friend’s birthday celebration.  I love getting requests and orders for cakes it gives me an opportunity to experiment with a variety of different ingredients and methods of… Continue reading Flourless Orange Cake

Baby Shower Grazing Table

Creating a Grazing Table can be a lot of fun.  This style of entertaining gets your guests floating around the table choosing from a large selection of cold meats, sandwiches, sushi, cheeses, fruit, vegetables and many more dishes that can be devoured, enjoyed and allowing for your guests to go back for more.  You can… Continue reading Baby Shower Grazing Table

Twice Cooked Smokey Pork Spare Ribs

Slow roasting and cooking pork spare ribs can be time consuming however, the results are worth it. Succulent meat comes off the bone, coated with a smokey flavoured marinade, mouthwatering and delicious. The ribs will be devoured, fingers licked and you and your friends will not be stopping at just a few. Be prepared to… Continue reading Twice Cooked Smokey Pork Spare Ribs

Chef Skills – Catering for an Engagement Party

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of catering for an engagement.  What I really enjoy about my work is the menu planning, budgeting, coordination, shopping, prepping and cooking for the event.  There is so much that is needed to be done before the event takes place.  Sharing a few images of the dishes I… Continue reading Chef Skills – Catering for an Engagement Party

Yummy Lamb Shanks Cooked in White Wine

Slow cooked Lamb Shanks is a dish that welcomes the cooler weather and is food for the soul.  The meat becomes tender and falls off the bone easily, the sauce coats the shank or the mashed potatoes generously so that you are able to enjoy all the goodness.  The potato mash is a wonderful accompaniment… Continue reading Yummy Lamb Shanks Cooked in White Wine