Video – How to Make Plum Jam Biscuits (Kifle sa Pekmez)

I would like to introduce to you my first how to make video.  Plum Jam Biscuits (Kifle sa Pekmez) these biscuits are much loved in my  country of birth, Croatia. My gratitude and thanks to Yenny my film-maker.  Your expertise and talent is appreciated.  Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Video – How to Make Plum Jam Biscuits (Kifle sa Pekmez)

      1. Thanks, yes she was. I hear they don’t make strudel the same anymore. Once the dough was stretches we would put the apples nuts cinnamon etc all over the dough and when done start rolling it up. My cousin was in Hungry last year and was told they just put it in the middle now. She started looking at all the bakeries and sure enough that how they made it. How about in Croatia?

      2. My mother made apple strudel the same way. I don’t know how they make their strudel in Croatia now days. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I endeavour to uphold some of the traditional methods of cooking. In particular the recipes and the way my mother use to cook. She is no longer with us however, a dish she use to prepare always brings back fond memories. 🙂 🙂

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