Dreaming of Tomatoes & Sicilian Sun

It is well over a year since our trip to Sicily.  Today I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic of last summer and that wonderful part of Italy.   Looking and enjoying our photos brightened up my day.  Beautiful ripe tomatoes always remind me of summer.  Sicily has absolutely beautiful tomatoes, they are ripe, sweet and delicious.

For all of you that are enjoying the warm weather in the Northern Hemisphere I am re-posting a couple of summer salads that are simple and delicious.  The main ingredient of course being tomatoes.  A wonderful reminder of what the summer season offers.  Beautiful, fresh, ripe, sweet tomatoes!

Photography by Pietro Giordano – Panzanella
Photography by Pietro Giordano – Tomato Vendor Sicily




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    1. Ben, thanks for the article. Great read. Thank goodness there was persistence and experimentation etc. We can all still enjoy the humble tomatoes…. With so many different varieties. Still need to look and read the links in the article. 🙂

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