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For my family, a little indulgence of cheese, olives, prosciutto and a lovely glass of wine on a Saturday night is blissful.  We gather together, enjoy a good chat and discuss the weekly events.   A cheese board makes for a great starter before dinner, in our case however, it becomes dinner as we cannot stop devouring the lot.

12-16 Slices of Parma Prosciutto (dry cured ham)
200 grams French Brie
150 grams Asiago (sliced)
125 grams mixed marinated Olives
100 grams Baby Cornichons
12 Apricots (naturally dried Turkish)
50 grams Black Muscat Raisins (naturally dried)
crackers & crusty bread
Wine (Red or white)

Preparation Time:     15 minutes
Serves:     4-6 people (approximately)

You will need one large wooden board, platter or two smaller wooden boards and a few small bowls should you wish to use bowls .  On this occasion, I used two smaller boards and a few bowls.

Arrange the prosciutto brie and sliced cheese neatly on the board. Place the olives in a bowl as well as the cornichons, apricots, muscat raisins and arrange on the board. Decorative bowls or baskets can be used for the crackers and bread.  Alternatively they can be neatly arranged on the board.

Cook’s Tips

When cutting cheese, its shape will determine the best way to cut it.   Remember to provide a separate cheese knife or utensil for each cheese and encourage people not to mix the knives to avoid mixing cheese flavours.

With a firmer cheese such as Asiago, it is preferable to make neat slices and arrange on the board.  Asiago is an Italian cow’s milk cheese originating in the town of Asiago in the Veneto Region of Italy.  The cheese can assume different textures according to its ageing, from smooth for the fresh Asiago to a crumbly texture for the aged.


Milanka's Fine Food

Join me on a journey of cooking, sharing recipes, exploring the different varieties and styles of food from around the world. Using fresh ingredients to create healthy, delicious and flavoursome dishes. I would like to share my love of food with you”. I am a Commercial Cook by profession and have been cooking for many years.

Nourish yourself, your family and embrace fresh, wholesome food for well being.

I wish you all good health, happiness and a fulfilling journey through life. -Milanka


10 Responses

  1. Great evening!! Prosciutto cotto or crudo?😄 if forget those difference in between. Used to slice those huge chunks😊straight from the freezer.

      1. Thank you. You can slice it only when it’s frozen. Then thaw it and serve it in the evening. Haha yes developed some Hercules arms😂

    1. Hi Irene, when putting together a cheese platter, the beauty is you can enjoy and add to the board your favourite foods. Meats, Cheeses, Ajvar, Cold Cuts, Vegetables and the list goes on…. Lovely to hear from you and keep well. 🙂 🙂

  2. What beautiful cheese boards, Milanka! Blissful is a good word to describe sitting down with a cheese board, a glass of wine, and family or friends. That is one of my favorite things to do! I love everything you included on yours.

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