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For those of us who prefer to eat more vegetables and less meat, roasting a variety of vegetables can create a wonderful meal that is satisfying and light.  In this post and the next, I will be sharing two simple  recipes that you will be able to use as an accompaniment to a meat dish or just to enjoy on it’s own.  Fennel is a fabulous vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked.  It has a wonderful aniseed flavour that is refreshing, crunchy, and slightly sweet.

2 Fennel Bulbs (cut into 12 wedges)
1 clove Garlic (crushed)
3 tablespoons Almond Meal
1 tablespoon Parsley (finely chopped)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Preparation Time:    20 minutes (approximately)
Cooking Time:    20-30 minutes (approximately)
Serves:     2-4 people (approximately)

Preheat the oven to 180°C and line a baking tray with baking paper.

Arrange the fennel wedges neatly in the baking tray.  In a small bowl add the almond meal, crushed garlic, parsley, salt, pepper and mix well.  Sprinkle the almond mixture over the fennel wedges, drizzle olive oil over the top and place in the oven.  Remove from the oven once the fennel is soft and a golden crust forms on the almond mixture.

Cook’s Tips

Whilst the fennel is roasting in the oven keep an eye on it to ensure even cooking.

This delightful dish can be served hot straight from the oven or at room temperature.



Milanka's Fine Food

Join me on a journey of cooking, sharing recipes, exploring the different varieties and styles of food from around the world. Using fresh ingredients to create healthy, delicious and flavoursome dishes. I would like to share my love of food with you”. I am a Commercial Cook by profession and have been cooking for many years.

Nourish yourself, your family and embrace fresh, wholesome food for well being.

I wish you all good health, happiness and a fulfilling journey through life. -Milanka


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