Austin’s Squid Ink Pasta

Today is Friday YAY!   The weekend brings family and friends together, fresh food, drink and conversation.  What ever the weekend brings your way I hope that it is your nirvana of joyful and happy moments.  A few weekend’s ago my son Austin decided to prepare a dish which he has been wanting to cook for some time. A year ago he visited family in Sicily and had the pleasure of eating this dish. It was prepared by one of our lovely relatives who is a wonderful cook and upholds the Sicilian cooking tradition with a passion. The black ink boasts the smell and flavour of the sea when combined with the pasta is a marriage made in heaven. It all came together a few weekend’s ago on a Sunday evening where our family had pleasure of enjoying it.

Whilst eating and munching away, we all looked and smiled at each other with black all around our teeth, mouth and lips.  Fits of laughter filled the table for some time! Nevertheless, the dish was lovely and we all went back for seconds.  When you prepare this dish don’t forget to smile!

I will be posting the recipe soon, meanwhile enjoy the photos and a little bit of humour.


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